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Model AS14

Model AS14

When we began working on our aluminum rooftop condenser stand, we considered every element that truly defines a great product. We challenged ourselves to find the best, most precise way to engineer and manufacture each stand component to comply, withstand, and surpass Florida's stringent building code.

When we put it all together, the results of our engineering team, manufacturing capabilities, and commitment to quality have delivered what is now the best condenser stand on the market.

Webbed-Post Leg

We make no compromises when it comes to the design of our products. Our patent protected webbed post leg is not only strong enough to support your condensing unit, but also far outperforms the competition.

Cross-Mounting Angle

Our aluminum made cross-mounting angle allows us to extend the width of the stand up to 42" (center to center of beam). By widening the stance of the stand, we can achieve much higher PSF ratings for even the most stringent requirements.

Lead Boot Option

The lead boot is a commonly used item in the roofing industry. When the roof will have lightweight concrete poured over the base plates, we recommend the usage of our lead boots as it acts an isolator between the concrete and the aluminum to help prevent oxidation.

Electrical Mounting Bracket

Our optional electrical mounting bracket allows the contractor to mount the electrical box on our condenser stand in either a hanging or standing position. Clean and easy.

Model AST

Model AST

Our Model AST condensing unit stand is engineered for use within and outside hurricane zones (HVHZ - Miami-Dade County & Broward County). Carrying a Florida State Approval and NAMI (National Accreditation & Management Institute) quality assurance, the AST complies with most applications throughout the state of Florida. All of our stands are available with optional cross-mounting angles, lead boots, electrical mounting brackets, and anti-vibration pads.

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